Industrial dust filters

ITEK Green Technologies has special competence and expertise in capturing pollutants such as dust and smoke. Through deliveries to all types of production and processes where the respective customers have unique needs, we have acquired an extensive knowledge base. The combination of long experience and solid international suppliers gives us certainty for the right choice of technical solution for the individual company.

The right technology in the right place
We offer help with thorough mapping and prepares complete solutions for catching and collecting of pollution. We have solutions for different types of dust, smoke and oil mist, as well as emissions with special properties (flammable, toxic, sticky, hygroscopic). We help with all types of adaptations to your needs.

Vacuum cleaner

ITEK Green Technologies delivers efficient and modern vacuuming systems for industry, production, offices, hotels and nursing homes. Modern vacuuming systems must be designed for efficient and energy-friendly operation, and provide stable and maintenance-friendly installations. Our flexibility and experience contribute to tailor-made solutions.

Our deliveries:

  • Mobile / semi-mobile installations for industry
  • Stationary vacuum cleaners for comfort installations / commercial buildings (offices, hotels, nursing homes, schools, etc.)
  • Industrial installations for cleaning in production premises, and process industry.

Point extraction

ITEK Green Technologies has good knowledge of the Norwegian Workplace Regulations, Chapter 7, and how to establish functional and efficient point extraction. Pollutants are most easily captured at the source, i.e. where smoke and dust occur. We provide solutions for welding extraction, solder extraction, exhaust extraction, general extraction with dust filters and fans and other types of exhaust.

To ensure the right solution, long life and low maintenance costs, we always focus on:

  • Right type of filter; cartridge filters, planar filters, cartridges
  • Custom filter material; cellulose, polyester, ceramics, special surfaces
  • Fans with the right type of impeller, high efficiency, adapted outlet direction, low noise levels
  • Ducts, dampers, capture to ensure proper speed and abrasion resistance

Cooling systems

ITEK Green Technologies has specialist knowledge and experience as supplier of cooling applications for data centres, process industry and commercial facilities. Cooling systems is getting more and more common in buildings and may have significant impact on energy consumption. In partnership with our customers, we find the best solutions for free-cooling and process cooling. We supply all necessary equipment, as well as engineering and system design.

With skilled and experienced engineers and workers from several professions, we can offer tailormade system solutions. We offer turnkey supplies, including engineering, project management, piping installation, automation, and electrical works.

Fire protection

ITEK Green Technologies delivers various solutions for fire protection. We have experience with delivery to sports facilities, industry and industrial buildings.

ITEK Green Technologies supplies fans to extract fire gas, and dampers to shut in fire gas. We also have bypass fans and system fans.

Energy plant

ITEK Green Technologies supplies complete industrial heatpump systems, heat centrals, cooling systems and solar energy systems as a standard part of our application range

To ensure high energy utilization and recovery for all our customers we commit to have:

  • Knowledge about our customers industrial processes and needs
  • Durable technical systems for uninterrupted operations throughout life span of installation
  • Focus on energy utilization and recovery
  • Turnkey responsibility
  • Operational reliability with correct spare part regime and adapted service

ITEK Green Technologies represents internationally recognized brands, as well as tailormade applications and solutions.


ITEK Green Technologies has supplied high quality fans for 3 decades. Our engineers always have reliability and optimization as a guideline when calculating a fan. From the small industrial process fans to the large dust transport fans are based on our high demands for accuracy and quality.

The right technology in the right place ensures the optimal  solutions:

  • Through knowledge of the customers’ needs and working processes.
  • Technical system solutions for long lasting and stability operation throughout the facility’s lifetime.
  • Development and design in collaboration with international partners.
  • We deliver according to most certifications, including ISO, NORSOK, NK, DNV / Lloyds, CSA, Inmetro etc..
  • Large selection of impeller types.
  • Flexible solutions (air volumes from 100m3 / h to 1,000,000m3 / h, pressures up to 35,000 Pa static).
  • Comprehensive test program with supplementary documentation.
  • 3D drawings
  • Itek is ECO lighthouse certified.
  • Responsibility for the entire delivery.
  • Reliability over time, with the right spare parts and customized service