ITEK Green Technologies has provided energy efficient solutions for capturing pollutants for three decades.Collection of dust, smoke and gas for the manufacturing and process industries is a core business.

Both the Working Environment Act, the Pollution Control Act, stricter requirements for control of own emissions and not least the companies own wishes for improvement, contribute to the supplier industry having to meet the challenges with competence and quality at all levels.

ITEK Green Technologies has prepared special requirements for own deliveries to ensure three important main areas:

  • Clean air in work zones and production facilities.
  • Reduced emission to the external environment.
  • Good energy utilization and recycling (see separate page “Energy”).

To ensure optimized solutions for all our customers, this is our commitment:

Knowledge and understanding of customers’ need and work processes. Good long lasting technical system solutions, stable operation throughout the life of the plant. Focus on energy capture and energy recovery. Responsibility for the entire delivery. Supplying over time with the right spare parts and customized service. Ensure opportunities for product recycling (sidestream channels).

We have experience from small to large deliveries to e.g, Fiven, Saint Gobain, Elkem, Glencore, REC, Eramet, Toro, Norske Skog, Glava, Agder Energi and many more. Our system knowledge includes industrial dust filters, fans, vacuum systems, point extraction, sound attenuation, odor removal, energy recovery etc.

ITEK Green Technologies represents international and reputable manufacturers in addition to customized and self- produced solutions.